"Hi I'm Rahul and I am a freshman at San José state university, majoring in ui. I joined Home of Hope about five years ago and got the opportunity to travel to India and document and help teach the children of Saidham. Ever since that eye-opening experience I have devoted so much of my time, experience, and passion into this amazing organization. Every child matters."                          

- RAHULAWASTY, President

"My name is Saarthak and I am a senior at California High School. Ever since I traveled to India to teach underprivileged kids music for EEP, Home of Hope has really made me believe that I can actually make this world a better place."


"hi my name is simi and i am a freshman at university of san Francisco. i joined hoh in hope of improving the lives and happiness of children in india, and cannot explain how grateful i am for being a part of such a great movement in this wonderful organization."      - simrankishnani

"My name is Sareena and I am a freshman at university of san Francisco. Without Home of Hope, I would have never had the opportunity to make the friends and connections with girls my age on the other side of the globe."               - SAREENARAMA

"Hi! My name is Sahil and I am a senior at California High School. What I love most about Home of Hope is, the opportunity it provides me to improve the lives of people half a world away. I have always believed that every person, regardless of background and situation, deserves access to things such as education, and HOH gives me the ability to turn my belief into a reality."                                                                                                                                                                                                    - SAHILSABOO

"Hi I'm Sanjana and I am a senior at freshman at  university of Illinois urbane-champagne . I joined HOH because I was interested in working with my peers to make a difference across the globe."                        SANJANAMALIREDDY

"Hi I'm Gurbaz and a fifteen year-old student and President of the Mid-Peninsula/South Bay Youth Chapter. I joined HOH in twenty-thirteen to make a difference for the lives of underprivileged children in India. I founded a program to teach conversational English to underprivileged kids in India through various sports such as basketball, soccer and volleyball. This has been a huge success and the schools have now made sports a permanent part of their curriculum."                                  

 - GURBAZSINGH, President of the Mid-Peninsula/South Bay Youth Chapter